About me

Name: Manthos (Matthew) Tsirides 
Country of origin : Greece  
Occupation: Concept Artist / Student 
Biography:Graduated from the Technical School of Paphos as a graphic designer. Ranked 1st on designs for the year 2010-2011 with a scholarship from the school, I graduated with overall scores of 18,5. Now studying Audio/Visual Arts in the Ionian University and getting busy on art related projects and self-studying Anatomy and landscape concepts.I Worked as an assistant of graphic designer during my early studies for 1 year and at the moment I'm unemployed.

About Digital Art: I got into digital art around 2010 where I had my tablet that I bought from a computer shop near my house.(if you are wondering I still have that ol' damn tablet). I started using my tablet as a drawing tool for graffiti, on the program Vandal Squad: Graffiti Studio. I then searched deeper on what I could do with the tablet  and I saw some videos of speed art of spider-man from the third movie. I then tried to do so too. I failed big time. By the time I realised I didn't want to copy images but to create my own by my ideas/concepts. I started creating a file around that Industry. Concept artists, images, references, magazines, tutorials, whatever someone needed to get them started and motivated I had them. I still have that file ( it's quite huge). I still collect art I'm interested in and I look up to. I'm not an expert but over the years I saw my drawing developing by an idea of wanting to become "like them". Usually reffering to great artists. I'm still on going to become that since I haven't achieved much over those 2 years other than this blog I love and I put some time into.
My Purpose: I want to give everyone a simple site/blog which they can find everything they need. I didn't had that luck when I started I use to search all over the net, for just a brush set. Now I'm trying to keep them together. Other than that I want to interview people for a simple reason. I want to know how they are thinking and I want to transfer to other artists their thoughts and the ideas that inspired them to become what they are now. I want to thanks the deviantart community very much because they helped a lot and they still do. I will continue to give some time to this blog in order to help.